About First Choice Home Inspections

I’m Bill Fuller and I am the owner and founder of First Choice Home Inspection. A few years back, I was in the market for a new home and was pretty much set on one in particular. However, after my hired inspector took a look around, he found an array of problems. My inspector saved me from making a big investment in that house and made me realize that I could do the same. I decided I wanted to help people in my own situation through this same process in the future. My positive experience with my inspector is what drives me to give my clients outstanding customer service and a personalized experience every time. Seeing as I was once in their shoes, I feel like I make a bond with people and can understand exactly where they’re coming from.

Our main values at First Choice Home Inspection are honesty and integrity; we work solely for the client not a realtor or a bank. I want my clients to fully understand both their purchase as well as the service I’m providing. For full discretion and transparency, I meet with clients so they can hear it from me first hand. I work day or night and always ensure that my clients get a thorough report so they know exactly what they’re buying. If you want to learn more about what makes us South Central Kentucky’s first choice for home inspections then call us today.

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